RO-59tmWP Anti-Mildew Treatment

RO-59tmWP Anti-mildew treatment is now APPROVED by the DOA as Class
7 mildew resistant treatment for cotton textile materials

RO-59tmWP is APPROVED as the ALTERNATE mildew treatment for 2 2'-
methylenebis (4-chlorophenol) and applies to ALL specifications that state
the use of 2 2'-methylenebis (4-chlorophenol)

RO-59tmWP Anti-mildew, Anti-UV, Waterproof Treatment:

•        Demonstrates CONSISTENT performance and effectiveness
•        Chemically-bonded polymer will last longer
•        Will NOT rub off after cured
•        WATER-BASED
•        Environmentally-friendly and SAFE
•        Ready-to-use formulation makes it the E
ASIEST to use - REDUCES cost
•        NO textile discoloration
•        Provides UV PROTECTION
•        Waterproofs the textile
•        Passed AATCC 30 Test III
•        Made In The USA
- ALL Ingredients from The USA!

This affords material producers a better mildew treatment option for
cotton-based materials APPROVED FOR MILITARY USE