Lubrication Coating Breakthrough
For wherever friction is a problem
Superior Lubrication by RO-59

The exceptionally higher lubricity levels of bonded RO-59 is
the result of a completely uniform, bonded PTFE coating on
the surface.  

RO-59 offers about TWICE the lubricity of non-bonded PTFE
and Vydax WD.

Lubricity levels on aluminum alloy (static friction coefficients, m)

  •    Lubricity of RO-59 bonded PTFE (m=0.08)
  •    100% better than non-bonded PTFE
  •    125% better than Vydax WD
  •     Lubricity of non-bonded PTFE (m=0.16)
  •     Lubricity of Vydax WD (m=0.18)   
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