Lubrication Coating Breakthrough
For wherever friction is a problem
Easy Application for in-house use
and substantial cost-savings

RO-59 was specifically developed for easy in-house
applications.  Our coatings are simple to use and fit into existing
operations without special equipment.

Application through dip, brush or spray methods alls quick easy
coating of parts.  The low curing heat required -- from ambient to
160F-degrees, dependent on the product, is easily attained and
at far lower costs over fusion coatings (650 to 800 degrees F).

Our non-hazardous water-based formulations do not require
special handling.  Just one gallon of RO-59 formulations cover
approximately 2,000 square feet.

The application process is simple to accomplish in-house with no
special equipment.
Check out our new
sealant  and  food
grade mold release!