Lubrication Coating Breakthrough
For wherever friction is a problem
About RO-59, Inc.

Founded in 1982, RO-59 was built on it's proprietary process of
bonding lubricants to the substrate for significantly longer
wearability and improved lubrication.  The strong adhesion
properties give superior performance.

RO-59 is a bonded lubricant coating breakthrough, combining the
durability advantages of bonding with the exceptional lubrication
properties of PTFE in an environmentally safe, ease-of-use
water-based formula.  Unparalleled in lubrication and corrosion
protection, RO-59 can work for you wherever friction is a problem.

RO-59's unique proprietary formula is the only bonded,
water-based PTFE lubricant.  It's safe, easy-to-use formulation was
developed specifically for use with in-house processes.  Dipping,
brushing or spraying will apply RO-59 in less than a minute and it
easily cures at room temperature.

RO-59's unique ability to bond (chemically adhere) to metals,
ceramics and plastics gives it the unique lubricity and long wear
properties.  The results are substantially superior lubricity over
other coating lubricants.  No other lubricant formulation on the
market, including PTFE impregnation, have the ability to bond to
the substrate material.

Bonding is the chemical adhesion or "gluing" of the PTFE to the
surface substrate material.  It's significant advantages are in both
wearability and lubricity.

Other formulations, including PTFE impregnation, simply lay the
PTFE on the surface and thus scratching, washing or rubbing
easily removes the lubricant from the substrate.  This reduces
lubrication levels and lowers wear; abrasion and damage result.

RO-59's bonded process protects longer, keeps the lubricant in
place and significantly improves lubrication.

Added corrosion protection is attained through sealing the surface
pores in Anodizing, Hardcoating, Electroless Nickel, etc.
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